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Lonnette Kelley

Speaker. Author. Motivator

A woman of many accomplishments

Lonnette Kelley is no stranger to farm life. Over the years she helped her family work the black dirt fields and abundant harvests until beginning her fifty-five-year nursing career. At times Lonnette’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit tugged for attention, offering opportunities she simply could not refuse.


In addition to Lonnette’s nursing career, she also established and ran a bed and breakfast, where her most celebrated honor came in 1999 when the President of Iceland chose to stay at her establishment, 221 Melsted Place in Mountain, North Dakota. 

Red barn and silo on a farm
The Eyes of God cards created by Lonnette Kelley

Inspired to share her faith

Looking for purpose while isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic, Lonnette created “The Eyes of God,” a ministry of hope. Led by the Lord, she created simple hand-painted cards featuring wide-eyed animals that could break the barriers of isolation to bring smiles and love to those suffering loneliness and despair. To date, she has placed over 4,000 cards of hope in the hands of those in need. 

To find healing and peace for herself, Lonnette enjoyed beautiful drives through nature which eventually led her to explore over 4,000 miles of what she calls God’s Country, the Heartland of southeastern South Dakota.

Knowing the love of the Lord, Lonnette is inspired to reach out to others and share her walk of faith through her writings, photography, speaking, and encouraging thoughts that others may also find joy in the presence of God. 

Passionate hospitality

Blessed with a son and daughter, four grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, two sisters, and their families, Lonnette’s passion is hospitality. She can constantly be found cooking and gathering family and friends around the dining table where she lovingly spoils and gives thanks for each moment they can be together. Lonnette understands how quickly life can change after losing her son, who is now resting in the arms of Jesus.

Table full of food
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