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Join the fun & follow the action!

Joy in the Heartland book cover
You are not alone!

Joy in the Heartland is a life-changing adventure!

Overcome grief and uncertainty.
Find hope in your purpose.
Joy in the Heartland will be your guide!

Share your own
Joy in the Heartland story

Once you have found your own JOY in the Heartland, please share your experience! I would love to read about your travels through the Heartland! Be sure to share your favorite photos, too!


Send your photos and stories to:

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But remember: Please do not share the location of the hearts on Facebook or other public means; we would not want to ruin the experience for others.


Read what people are saying...

Red barn and silo on a farm

“…I would recommend this book and taking the time to enjoy these trails. Sometimes we all need to take a breath and just get out and enjoy this beautiful country…”

PJ Clark, Artist, Author & Speaker says:

“…I highly recommend her book as she expresses so beautifully from her own heart, through eyes of faith, her love for America…”

Mark Houser, Singer-Songwriter says:

Kris, Brandon, South Dakota, says:

“…I highly recommend this book as an energizing guide to discovering little-known information about southeastern South Dakota, bringing it like a lighthouse to a dark world. Lonnette's story also demonstrates the redemptive power of faith and the ability to seek joy in all circumstances.”


Joy in the Heartland

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