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Travel South Dakota

South Dakota Road Trips

Joy in the Heartland is a true story inviting the reader on the adventure of a lifetime with Miss Kelley and her driver–two “at-risk” seniors, who bravely forged beyond what they had always known in search of joy and purpose in the Heartland of southeastern South Dakota. Accompany the couple through their struggles, surprises, laughter, and tears, encountered as they explored the beautiful sights and nature from 51 destinations.

Embrace your travel bug and discover, as they did, that the ultimate destination is everlasting joy!

Cards made by Lonnette Kelley

South Dakota Travels

Joy in the Heartland is your go-to book for location of trails, list of photos, community information, and recreation areas of this epic adventure. Each individual or team choosing to join this exciting hunt will select one of the Ten Trails of the Heartland, take a good look at the photos listed for that trail, and begin your search. The goal is to explore and gain a better understanding of each community as you seek the heart and one or more photos from each town.


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