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Almost 40 years later--my "Eagles have landed!

Welcome, dear friends!

Life can grab our attention and thrust us into a whirlwind of crazy moments. Back in 1982-1986, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma, after waiting years for my two beautiful adopted children now aged 5 and 1, I needed a job, stat! These children were a treasured gift from God, and I was not ready to leave them!

What is a mother to do? I found my old Singer sewing machine, a box of fabric ends and pieces, and started sewing something--anything, and I prayed!

Little by little--$1.00 here, $5.00 there--God was answering my prayers. It was not an easy road, but rather a very difficult journey, my faith kept me going. Soon this little business began to grow, my original designs were catching on, and I was selling soft sculpture lace doves for weddings, soft sculpture pheasants, calico cattails, and other unique handcrafted items to gift shops throughout the country.

Little did I know this was not to be a forever job, as quickly as it started my sewing business was over and my life moved on. This beautiful soft sculptured "American Eagle" became my final design. The Eagles were ready to go but instead, they went into a large box waiting for me to attach their tails and wings at a later time, today, after 7 moves and many years later, still very much intact and awesome--they are ready to fly! My job is finished!

Each eagle is crafted with brown upholstery velvet, has adjustable wings with a 16-18 wingspan, and stands majestically 15-18 inches tall on a beautiful walnut base, copyright and signed, Lonnette Kelley

God Bless America!

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