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Spring is in the Air----

With excited anticipation, we begin searching for the return of color! As much as I enjoy making and eating colorful ice cream pies—I also enjoy the beauty and vast array of God’s colorful pallet--as far as the eye can see, green grass, bright blue skies, spring sunsets in a blaze of red, yellow and orange, tulips poking their sleepy little heads out of the dark cool ground, as they prepare to give their shout out of color.

Today, we begin this month of March. I challenge you to take a much deeper look into this season we call Spring. Color will be bursting everywhere! This is my question to you? In the hope this colorful season will be the beginning of a new exciting journey, are you familiar with the South Dakota State flower? Have you ever enjoyed a spring walk in search of this unique flower? Early in the month of May, my mom and I would go on a hunt through the newly awakened prairie in search of this beautiful little flower. We enjoyed those first days of warm sunshine, the beauty surrounding us, and of course, the excitement and joy of our precious little bouquet. But most of all we shared memories, laughter, picnics, and God’s handiwork. Our hearts were filled, we found "Joy in the Heartland!" When the snow clears, set out on your journey, discover the beauty of spring and one little flower.

While waiting for the presence of spring, I welcome you to enjoy one of my colorful poems from 1999 and answer this question--who or what is Mr. Wiggley?

Mr. Wiggley and I

We’ve come to be friends Mr. Wiggley and I,

he lifts me up

my spirits fly.

He brings me joy, he brings me delight,

I reach into the world,

to my canvas in the night.

He brings me strength, he brings me support,

I can be tall or I can be short.

together one step at a time,

he lifts me up

my spirits fly.

I swing to the right, oh what a sight,

as colors flow from

red to

yellow to


I scream with pleasure, I scream with fright,

I swing left, I swing right,

“Oh, Mr. Wiggley hold me tight,

I’d rather not die tonight!”

He elevates me to areas unknown,

as his worn-out frame creaks and groans.

My knees grow sore, they shout, “No more!”

together one step at a time,

he lifts me high my spirits fly

I reach out and touch the sky.

With a wink and a twinkle in His eye,

God said, “It is good this piece of work,”

by Mr. Wiggley and I.

Lonnette Kelley April 13, 1999

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Vicki L. Prentice
Vicki L. Prentice
Mar 09, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I am so eager for that first flower of spring! I can't wait to see the first robin, either! But today, it is snowing hard and the beauty is found in clean, bright, whiter-than-white snow!

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