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Oh, my mind is whirling as I sit quietly in my corner of the world; the cookies are gone, thank heavens, and I give thoughts to new paths of travel on this journey called life. My real thoughts and inspiration usually arrive around 4 in the morning when my Lord awakens me for our quiet conversations. Some people may call it a gut feeling. I call it joyful and exciting as I listen to his voice. I would like to share one of my poems that seemed to roll off the tip of my pen back in January 2001. It captured the moment, but it continues to be right on target today.

God bless–Happy New Year!


By Lonnette Kelley January 8, 2001

We trimmed the tree, sang “Silent Night”

Candles in hand, we did it right.

This time, so special, this birth for all

Slowly, quietly teardrops fall.

Expectations not met,

The real joy we did not get.

In our hearts sad stories we hold

Of unkind gatherings never told.

Christmas is over, it did not last,

We move forward, forgetting the past.

Back to the busy, down with the tree,

Do unto others what needs to be.

Christmas is over, shouts the earth.

Forget that Manger, forget that birth,

Until next year,

When once upon a starry night,

We down the gloves and stop the fight.

This brief moment will never be

The real joy we hope to see.

Come today, the Manger waits.

It’s not too late, it’s heaven’s gate

Come see, this baby born for you

His name is Jesus he’ll make life new,

The real key to joy, you see,

Is Jesus walking with you and me.

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Vicki L. Prentice
Vicki L. Prentice
Feb 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I like this poem!

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